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Nott Tuesday – July 14th

June 25, 2009 · 1 min read

Though most the original links from this post are now dead, this records the time I met Adam, my co-founder and CEO of Cronofy so I’m keeping it for posterity!

So I went to Nott Tuesday for the first time last month and really enjoyed it. Adam Bird, the guy who started it up seemed keen to move towards group discussion rather than one or two people presenting to the group.

I’d been to a similar event before, altnetbeers, which is run by Sebastien Lambla in London. Altnetbeers had the sort of group discussion I felt Adam was looking for so I dropped him an email the next day explaining the format to see what he thought.

Well I should have known better because, as has now been announced, Adam said he liked the sound of it and asked me if I wanted to lead the next meeting in the style of altnetbeers. I couldn’t well say no after telling him how great it was so here we are.

I’ll be cross posting an explanation of how it all works a bit nearer the time so that people will have an idea of what will be happening on the night.

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