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How I Feel About the .NET World Lately

Great article by Davy Brion which echoes the feelings I’ve been having around .NET for a while:

They (Microsoft) provide architectural and design guidance for everything from your database to your business layer to your service layer all the way to your presentation layer. Unfortunately, a lot of that guidance is of a terribly low quality. Follow their guidance and odds are pretty high that either your database implementation details are leaking through all the way to your screens, or that a lot of your business details are taken care of in the database.

And on the recent cut in resources for IronRuby:

I found it extremely telling that Microsoft is capable of putting resources on products like WebMatrix and LightSwitch (both of which are targeting the very-very-lower-end developers, or even non-developers) while at the same time, they are severely cutting back the resources for projects like IronRuby, IronPython and the DLR (which drew more interest from the higher-end developers than the lower-end developers). So what exactly does that tell us? I can only consider that to be a very clear message that the lower-end developers will always be the primary target of Microsoft, and that they really care less and less about the higher-end developers.